Actually, it all started 10 years ago on a funny and sociable evening, when I – Tamás – and Marco (einrad-downhill.de) sat at the table of Petra and Roland from municycle.com and spun Karl Heinz as a parody and also homage to Kris Holm. The next day, the first T-shirts were already plotted.

Actually, it all started on a funny evening with Karl Heinz.

Since then Karl Heinz, with the claim “Evolution of no balance” should be the credo of all professional unicylcing UPDers. The striking orange of the first shirts should already singalize the approaching danger from afar.

But Karl Heinz also needed a home. And so monobomb was created in 2012 as its own streetwear label for unicyclists and other individualists. Initially focusing exclusively on design and own production of the clothing, services were also quickly in demand. We started to equip clubs and unicycling events like GMTW1, Einradcamp, ODM2 and EUC3 with merchandise and to design specially commissioned motifs.

Founded in 2012 as a streetwear label for unicyclists.

Unfortunately, the project, together with Karl Heinz, was put on ice two years after the start. Due to lack of time – monobomb was a side project besides the main job – the aspiration for the quality of the products could no longer be kept high and also the creativity was exhausted. That was it, I thought.

But the idea of combining unicycling and my creativity wouldn’t let me go and continued to swell inside me. So, at the beginning of 2021, my wife and I decided to breathe new life into Karl Heinz and monobomb and set it up again. As an additional motivation, we no longer wanted to watch the destruction of our planet, but to become active against it.

Restart 2021 🚀 #fair #sustainable

So we’re back at it, prettier, smarter and more sustainable than ever.

Tamás, founder of monobomb, on the unicycle.

Our values

Made with love

by unicyclists – for unicyclists.
Designed and printed in Germany.


All products are produced under fair conditions. Our textiles and colors are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, the textiles additionally GOTS and vegan.

Organic cotton

All products are made of organic cotton, hoodies and sweatshirts with recycled polyester content.


is carried out plastic-free and climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen. For packaging material and other cardboard packaging, we pay attention to a high recycling rate.


At monobomb we only use sustainably grown & recycled materials, fair trade & manufactured textiles, pay attention to high recycled content in e.g. cardboard boxes, avoid plastic and want to further protect nature through joint actions.


People seem to be getting further and further away from each other and from nature. We want to strengthen solidarity, connect people with the passion for unicycling and find rest together under the open sky or just have fun.


Preserving nature and its beauty is important to us and we are aware that we are far from perfect. But we believe that together we make a difference and if you have any suggestions on how we can be even better, please let us know!

Certifications of our Textile

  • GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard
  • GRS – Global Recycle Standart
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • OCS – Organic Content Standard
  • Peta approved vegan.
  • The colors used are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100.
  1. German Muni & Trial Weekend ↩︎
  2. Open German Championshop ↩︎
  3. Extreme Unicycling CHampionship ↩︎

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